Vector4Peace Publication №1

CaptureTaking into consideration the complex geopolitical situation in which the countries of the former Soviet Union are at the moment, we decided to arrange an edition of the new information and analytical bulletin “Vector4Peace”. In the given situation, the main problem is the weak intellectual and informational and political contribution to the political changes, processes which become more and more uncertain and dangerous. In particular, it concerns that part of the former Soviet Union, for which fight between the supporters of Russian Federation and the West came into a phase of a new wave of escalation of open armed conflicts. Authors of the idea don’t apply for full independence and objectivity of the edition as they have the political likes and dislikes regarding to the ongoing processes. However, they are united by one desire, to help the international community to break that infernal impasse to which it put itself. We hope for active support of our edition from readers and those experts and politicians who have desire to place their thoughts on pages of the bulletin.

Vecor4Peace Pb. #1