Dear colleagues and friends


Dear colleagues and friends,


The orphanage, in which 23 children (from 2 to 18 years old) with various incurable diseases live, is located in the village Kojori (8 km from Tbilisi). This orphanage is supported by the state, but, as everyone knows, the allocated funds are not always sufficient for the normal life of these kids, who require a round-the-clock attention and expensive treatment.

On the agenda of this orphanage, there are no issues with regards to the lack of beds, medicines or heating system of the rooms, as there are no problems. According to the director, the administration would be grateful for our help in two ways:

- the construction of the elevator to the second floor, where a massage room and a small gym are located (more than half of the kids are “glued” to wheel chairs; therefore, due to the absence of a special ramp, every day female teachers have to carry the kids in their hands to the second floor);

- repair and finishing works in the orphanage staff office, because today the doctors examine and treat out-patient children in the same place, where the other children receive in-patient treatment for different diseases (viral and fungal), including a 18-year old boy, who has never in his life got out of  the bed due to bone tuberculosis.


As of today, the fundraising campaign has begun to address the issues described above.  The special account (GEL) was opened, so everyone, who is willing to help, may transfer money.


# GE88TP5325757300130665


Tretiakov Dmytro





Everyone who is interested in this situation and is willing to help, please contact me to discuss joint actions.

Dmitry Tretiakov


Embassy of Ukraine to Georgia

Political Officer